Automatic Filling

In-line automatic filling

FSDA3000 series

Available with ONE, TWO, THREE or FOUR filling heads

Pumps located near floor level for ease of priming

Wide range of pumps to fill from 10 ml up to over 40 litres/min

Full diving nozzles to enable products to be either top-filled or bottom-upfilled

Can be easily upgraded with additional filling heads

Transparent interlocked guarding

Photoelectric bottle in and build back sensors

Optional Equipment

Pneumatically actuated drip tray

Pneumatically actuated neck locators

Indexing conveyor system – particularly for larger containers

Most fillers are manufactured with

FSFA 3000 Series

4000 Series

Level/break tank

The use of a level/break tank is recommended for all gear pump fillers. This ensures that the product is maintained at a constant level thus reducing the required frequency of check-weighing in most applications.

The working capacity of a level/break tank is typically 3-4minutes worth of production thereby eliminating any stoppage time when switching between main product tanks or IBCs.

In most instances, a transfer pump is included within the framework of the tank. The working capacity of the pump will be decided upon the potential output of the filling system. Our largest high grade stainless steel gear pump can deliver up to 100 litres per min which matches an output of 20 x 5 litre containers on the four head filler FSDA3040/4.