Gear Pump Filling

Gear Pump Filling

Benefits of Gear Pump Filling

Eurofill filling systems utilise gear pump filling technology which offer significant benefits over piston fillers.

Basic benefits …

Ability to fill a wider range of products without to need for different seals

Ability to accommodate a wider dose range without need for additional expensive change parts

Easier & faster to clean-in-place

Simpler maintenance - pumps can be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled within a few minutes

Better control on filling foaming products due to soft-start-to-fill options

Easier to adjust and control dose amounts – whilst filling

More cost effective filling of abrasive products

Advance benefits …

Improved flexibility since pumps can be individually switch on/off due to independent drives

Simpler to upgrade with additional heads

Additional sets of pumps and filling heads can be switched within a couple of minutes – for applications where there must be no trace of contamination between products

Reduce the costs your replacement parts by retrofitting of our stainless steel gear pumps

Our high grade stainless gear pumps can be readily fitted to many other types of gear pump filling systems including the King/Ibex M series - and usually at a much reduced cost.

The table below illustrates some of the various alternative pump options that we can provide. Please note that if the exact model number is not listed, please enquire further using our contact details or email us

Should replacement parts be required for the JS high grade stainless steel gear pumps, please advise either the 5 digit serial number e.g. 91025 [25th pump manufactured in 1991] and/or the 7 digit model number [separated by either “-“ or “.”] as illustrated below.

Ibex/King KT340 Typical alternative JS100 series options Flow rate @ 1400rpm
K4.5 111-121-0 111-122-1 111-111-0 111-421-1 111-123-1 111-322-3 10ltr/min
K10 111-121-0 111-122-1 111-111-0 111-421-1 111-123-1 111-322-3 10ltr/min
K17 121-121-0 121-122-1 121-111-0 121-421-1 111-123-1 121-322-3 20ltr/min
  132-121-0 132-122-1 132-111-0 132-421-1 132-123-1 132-322-3 30ltr/min
  142-121-0 142-122-1 142-111-0 142-421-1 142-123-1 142-322-3 40ltr/min
O ring material viton viton EPDM viton viton viton  
mechanical seal ss/carbon t/carbide ss/carbon ss/carbon lip seal ss/carbon  
shaft standard hardened standard standard Hardened PEEK gear  
ports BSPP [F] BSPP [F] BSPP [F] Tri-clamp BSPP [F] IDF  
Typical products & applications Janitorial agrochemical Abrasives Solvents Toiletries PVA adhesives Cosmetics pharmaceutical