Semi Automatic Fillers

BT2000 benchtop series

Low cost and versatile

Reliable with minimal maintenance

Simple setup procedure and can be up and running within a few minutes

Single phase electrical supply required

Able to fill a wide range of products from 5ml up to 20 litres per minute

Can handle a wide range of viscosities from light oils to gels and adhesive

Dose volume can be adjusted whilst filling

Numerous nozzle options available


Benchtop filler is shown with standard high grade stainless steel  capillary nozzle suitable for filling many types of products up to 1 litre.

Benchtop filler is shown with optional pneumatically actuated centre jet nozzle for the most efficient filling of products that can be top-filled.

Benchtop filler is shown with a high grade stainless steel up to 20 ltr/min gear, suitable for filling from 25ml up to 2 litres. Smaller and larger pumps are available.

FS3000 series – semi automatic liquid filling

Available with ONE, TWO, THREE or FOUR filling heads

Pumps located near floor level for ease of priming

Wide range of pumps to fill from 10 ml up to over 40 litres/min

Full diving nozzles to enable products to be either top-filled or bottom-upfilled

Can be easily upgraded with additional filling heads or to fully automatic status

Nozzle shuttle option to maximise filling efficiency for larger containers

Lower cost fixed nozzle system for filling of tubs